Book Chapter

Khimki in Moscow City-region: From ‘Closed City’ to ‘Edge City’?

O Golubchikov, NA Phelps, A Makhrova

International Perspectives on Suburbanization | Routledge | Published : 2011


© Nicholas A. Phelps and Fulong Wu 2011 and their respective authors 2011. Many concepts in social sciences sooner or later face ‘trial by geography’ - a consideration of their applicability beyond specific places and contexts, thus allowing these concepts to be either adjusted or rethought. The interest of this chapter is, then, to bring the analysis of postsuburbia from the Western economies into the former ‘Second World’ and to consider to what extent the ideas of ‘edge city’ (Garreau, 1991), ‘post-suburbia’ (Kling et al, 1995) and associated models of urban growth may apply for the latter. To this end we consider urban development and place-making on the periphery of Moscow. The analysis..

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