Journal article

System-level assessment of reliability and resilience provision from microgrids

Yutian Zhou, Mathaios Panteli, Rodrigo Moreno, Pierluigi Mancarella

Applied Energy | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2018


Awarded by EPSRC

Awarded by Complex Engineering Systems Institute

Awarded by Conicyt-Chile

Awarded by Conicyt-Chile (SERC)

Awarded by EPSRC-UK project "Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids"

Funding Acknowledgements

The presented research work in this paper was developed with the contribution and within the scope of the EPSRC funded projects "Disaster Management and Resilience in Electric Power Systems" (EP/N034899/1), "MY-STORE" (EP/N001974/1) and "Techno-Economic framework for Resilient and Sustainable Electrification (TERSE)" (EP/R030294/1), which the authors would like to acknowledge. Additionally, Dr. Moreno would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Complex Engineering Systems Institute (through the grants including CONICYT-PIA-FB0816 and ICM P-05-004-F), the Energy Center at the University of Chile and the Conicyt-Chile (through the grants including Fondecyt/1181928, Newton-Picarte/MR/N026721/1, and SERC Fondap/15110019) as well as the EPSRC-UK project "Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids" (EP/K002252/1).