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Development of a portable 3D-printed flow-through passive sampling device free of flow pattern effects

Fidelis Nitti, M Ines GS Almeida, Richard Morrison, Robert W Cattrall, Vincent J Pettigrove, Rhys A Coleman, Spas D Kolev



A low cost and portable flow-through passive sampling device (PSD) which is not affected by the flow pattern of the sampled aquatic system was developed. Zn2+ was selected as the target analyte in optimizing and testing the device under laboratory conditions using as the source solution (SS) either Zn2+ solutions or environmental waters, spiked with Zn2+. It was demonstrated that the accumulated amount of Zn2+ in all sampling experiments with the newly developed PSD was independent of the flow pattern of the sampled SS which was in contrast with results obtained with previously developed dip-in and shielded dip-in passive samplers. The flow-through PSD consists of an acrylic-based 3D-printed..

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Awarded by Melbourne Water Corporation

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the Australian Research Council (ARC) and Melbourne Water Corporation for funding this research (Grant LP160100687). Fidelis Nitti acknowledges Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) for providing his PhD scholarship.