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Belle II silicon vertex detector (SVD)

S Bahinipati, K Adamczyk, H Aihara, C Angelini, T Aziz, V Babu, S Bacher, E Barberio, T Baroncelli, T Baroncelli, AK Basith, G Batignani, A Bauer, PK Behera, T Bergauer, S Bettarini, B Bhuyan, T Bilka, F Bosi, L Bosisio Show all

Springer Proceedings in Physics | Published : 2018


The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB collider in Japan will operate at an unprecedented luminosity of 8× 1035 cm-2 s-1, about 40 times larger than its predecessor, Belle. Its vertex detector is composed of a two-layer DEPFET pixel detector (PXD) and a four layer double-sided silicon microstrip detector (SVD). To achieve a precise decay-vertex position determination and excellent low-momentum tracking under a harsh background condition and high trigger rate of 10 kHz, the SVD employs several innovative techniques. In order to minimize the parasitic capacitance in the signal path, 1748 APV25 ASIC chips, which read out signal from 224 k strip channels, are directly mounted on the modules wi..

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