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Risk assessment of sewerage systems overflows: Methodological contributions from two case studies (Lyon and Mulhouse, France)

N Caradot, D Granger, C Rostaing, F Cherqui, B Chocat

Techniques - Sciences - Methodes | Published : 2010


Sustainable water management represents a worldwide challenge for the 21st century. In this scope, the INSA of Lyon and Lyonnaise des Eaux have been developing together a multi-disciplinary assessment management methodology, which gives the: - water manager, the ability to measure the quality of the service provided by the urban water management system; - and stakeholders, the ability to choose a strategy that matches their expectation of the service provided [GRANGER et al., 2010]. In this framework, this paper proposes to focus on a major function of urban water management: the protection of people and goods against urban floods. The proposed methodology aims at helping urban water manager..

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