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Carbon pulses but not phosphorus pulses are related to decreases in microbial biomass during repeated drying and rewetting of soils

CR Butterly, EK Buenemann, AM McNeill, JA Baldock, P Marschner



Drying and rewetting cycles are known to be important for the turnover of carbon (C) in soil, but less is known about the turnover of phosphorus (P) and its relation to C cycling. In this study the effects of repeated drying-rewetting (DRW) cycles on phosphorus (P) and carbon (C) pulses and microbial biomass were investigated. Soil (Chromic Luvisol) was amended with different C substrates (glucose, cellulose, starch; 2.5 g C kg-1) to manipulate the size and community composition of the microbial biomass, thereby altering P mineralisation and immobilisation and the forms and availability of P. Subsequently, soils were either subjected to three DRW cycles (1 week dry/1 week moist) or incubated..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We wish to thank Rebecca Stonor for invaluable technical support and Dr Kris Broos, Ryan Farquharson and 2 anonymous reviewers for reviewing the manuscript. This study was part of the 'Biological cycling of P in agricultural soils of Southern Australia' project funded by the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).