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Cortical surface area alterations shaped by genetic load for neuroticism

Nils Opel, Azmeraw T Amare, Ronny Redlich, Jonathan Repple, Claas Kaehler, Dominik Grotegerd, Katharina Dohm, Dario Zaremba, Elisabeth J Leehr, Joscha Boehnlein, Katharina Foerster, Christian Buerger, Susanne Meinert, Verena Enneking, Daniel Emden, Ramona Leenings, Nils Winter, Tim Hahn, Walter Heindel, Jochen Bauer Show all



Neuroticism has been shown to act as an important risk factor for major depressive disorder (MDD). Genetic and neuroimaging research has independently revealed biological correlates of neurotic personality including cortical alterations in brain regions of high relevance for affective disorders. Here we investigated the influence of a polygenic score for neuroticism (PGS) on cortical brain structure in a joint discovery sample of n = 746 healthy controls (HC) and n = 268 MDD patients. Findings were validated in an independent replication sample (n = 341 HC and n = 263 MDD). Subgroup analyses stratified for case-control status and analyses of associations between neurotic phenotype and cortic..

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