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Optimization for Roads' Construction: Selection, Prioritization, and Scheduling

Saeed Asadi Bagloee, Majid Sarvi, Michael Patriksson, Mohsen Asadi



Limited resources (budget, labor, machinery) have a significant toll on the roads' construction. The question of interest is: given variations of resources over a lengthy construction time, what would be the best construction scheduling plan, or how to optimize the Gantt chart while considering two highly challenging features (1) prerequisite conditions and (2) the interdependency of the benefit of the projects’ completions. We formulate it as a bilevel problem where the objective function is to minimize generalized costs and the lower level accounts for the drivers’ route choice. We employ a solution algorithm based on a supervised learning technique (a linear regression model of machine-le..

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Awarded by Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Government, United Arab Emirates

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to Prof. Adeli and seven anonymous reviewers for their meticulous, insightful, and constructive comments. The first author acknowledges the constructive debates that he had with Tarek Abu Gharbieh and Nadeem Siddiqui from Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Government, United Arab Emirates, as part of the R956 project which became one of the motives of this study.