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A systematic review of cardiac time intervals utilising non-invasive fetal electrocardiogram in normal fetuses

Vinayak Smith, Senthuran Arunthavanathan, Amrish Nair, Diane Ansermet, Fabricio da Silva Costa, Euan Morrison Wallace

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth | BMC | Published : 2018


BACKGROUND: Non-invasive fetal electrocardiogram (NIFECG) is an evolving technology in fetal surveillance which is attracting increasing research interest. There is however, only limited data outlining the reference ranges for normal cardiac time intervals (CTIs). The objective of our group was to carry out a systematic review to outline normal fetal CTIs using NIFECG. METHODS: A systematic review of peer reviewed literature was performed, searching PUBMED,Ovid MEDLINE and EMBASE. The outcomes of interest included fetal CTIs (P wave duration, PR interval, QRS duration and QT interval) and a descriptive summary of relevant studies as well. The outcomes were grouped as early pre-term (≤ 32 wee..

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