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Differences in cancer survival by sex: a population-based study using cancer registry data

Nina Afshar, Dallas R English, Vicky Thursfield, Paul L Mitchell, Luc Te Marvelde, Helen Farrugia, Graham G Giles, Roger L Milne



PURPOSE: Few large-scale studies have investigated sex differences in cancer survival and little is known about their temporal and age-related patterns. METHODS: We used cancer registry data for first primary cancers diagnosed between 1982 and 2015 in Victoria, Australia. Cases were followed until the end of 2015 through linkage to death registries. Differences in survival were assessed for 25 cancers using the Pohar-Perme estimator of net survival and the excess mortality rate ratio (EMRR) adjusting for age and year of diagnosis. RESULTS: Five-year net survival for all cancers combined was lower for men (47.1%; 95% CI 46.9-47.4) than women (52.0%; 95% CI 51.7-52.3); EMRR 1.13 (95% CI 1.12-1..

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