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Batch processing of Top-k Spatial-textual Queries

FM Choudhury, JS Culpepper, T Sellis

GeoRich 2015 - 2nd International ACM Workshop on Managing and Mining Enriched Geo-Spatial Data, in conjunction with SIGMOD 2015 | Published : 2015


Top-k spatial-textual queries have received significant attention in the research community. Several techniques to efficiently process this class of queries are now widely used in a variety of applications. However, the problem of how best to process multiple queries efficiently is not well understood. Applications relying on processing continuous streams of queries, and offline pre-processing of other queries could benefit from solutions to this problem. In this work, we study practical solutions to efficiently process a set of top-k spatial-textual queries. We propose an efficient best-first algorithm for the batch processing of top-k spatial-textual queries that promotes shared processing..

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