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Importance-Weighted Density: A Shared Leadership Illustration of the Case for Moving Beyond Density and Decentralization in Particularistic Resource Networks

G James Lemoine, G Koseoglu, Hamed Ghahremani, Terry C Blum

Organizational Research Methods | SAGE Publications | Published : 2020


Social network analysis has been increasingly used by researchers to operationalize team processes and emergent states. Despite their advantages over aggregate measures, the most frequently used network measures such as density and centrality are agnostic to potentially meaningful elements reflecting the patterns of ties between team members. Specifically, intangible resources transmitted within team networks are often more particularistic, such that the value of the shared resource is dependent upon who gives it. We use shared leadership as an exemplar case for explaining this issue and proposing a solution in the form of a new network measure, importance-weighted density (IWD). Combining l..

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