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The plastid genome in Cladophorales green algae is encoded by hairpin plasmids

Andrea Del Cortona, Frederik Leliaert, Kenny Bogaert, Monique Turmel, Christian Boedeker, Jan Janouškovec, Juan Lopez-Bautista, Heroen Verbruggen, Klaas Vandepoele, Olivier De Clerck

Published : 2017


Abstract Virtually all plastid (chloroplast) genomes are circular double-stranded DNA molecules, typically between 100-200 kb in size and encoding circa 80-250 genes. Exceptions to this universal plastid genome architecture are very few and include the dinoflagellates where genes are located on DNA minicircles. Here we report on the highly deviant chloroplast genome of Cladophorales green algae, which is entirely fragmented into hairpin plasmids. Short and long read high-throughput sequencing of DNA and RNA demonstrated that the chloroplast genes of Boodlea composita are encoded on 1-7 kb DNA contigs with an exceptionally high GC-content, each containing a long inverted repeat with one or tw..

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