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Dietary Cows' Milk Protein A1 Beta-Casein Increases the Incidence of T1D in NOD Mice

Joanne SJ Chia, Jennifer L McRae, Ashwantha Kumar Enjapoori, Christophe M Lefevre, Sonja Kukuljan, Karen M Dwyer

NUTRIENTS | MDPI | Published : 2018


The contribution of cows' milk containing beta-casein protein A1 variant to the development of type 1 diabetes (T1D) has been controversial for decades. Despite epidemiological data demonstrating a relationship between A1 beta-casein consumption and T1D incidence, direct evidence is limited. We demonstrate that early life exposure to A1 beta-casein through the diet can modify progression to diabetes in non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice, with the effect apparent in later generations. Adult NOD mice from the F0 generation and all subsequent generations (F1 to F4) were fed either A1 or A2 beta-casein supplemented diets. Diabetes incidence in F0⁻F2 generations was similar in both cohorts of mice. Ho..

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