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Association of disease-specific causes of visual impairment and 10-year mortality amongst Indigenous Australians: the Central Australian Ocular Health Study.

José Estevez, Georgia Kaidonis, Tim Henderson, Jamie E Craig, John Landers

Clin Exp Ophthalmol | Published : 2018


IMPORTANCE: Visual impairment significantly impairs the length and quality of life, but little is known of its impact in Indigenous Australians. BACKGROUND: To investigate the association of disease-specific causes of visual impairment with all-cause mortality. DESIGN: A retrospective cohort analysis. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 1347 Indigenous Australians aged over 40 years. METHODS: Participants visiting remote medical clinics underwent clinical examinations including visual acuity, subjective refraction and slit-lamp examination of the anterior and posterior segments. The major ocular cause of visual impairment was determined. Patients were assessed periodically in these remote clinics for t..

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