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The Role of Temporal Cues in Voluntary Stream Segregation for Cochlear Implant Users

Andreu Paredes-Gallardo, Sara MK Madsen, Torsten Dau, Jeremy Marozeau

Trends in Hearing | SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC | Published : 2018


The role of temporal cues in sequential stream segregation was investigated in cochlear implant (CI) listeners using a delay detection task composed of a sequence of bursts of pulses (B) on a single electrode interleaved with a second sequence (A) presented on the same electrode with a different pulse rate. In half of the trials, a delay was added to the last burst of the otherwise regular B sequence and the listeners were asked to detect this delay. As a jitter was added to the period between consecutive A bursts, time judgments between the A and B sequences provided an unreliable cue to perform the task. Thus, the segregation of the A and B sequences should improve performance. The pulse r..

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