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Access to fisheries in the maritime frontier of Palawan Province, Philippines

Michael Fabinyi, Wolfram Dressler, Michael Pido



Globally, capital investments are intensifying extraction and contestation over resources in frontier spaces, yet most discussion has focused on terrestrial frontiers. This paper shifts this focus to bring a scaled political ecology approach to examine the access dynamics of fisheries trade in the maritime frontier of Palawan province, the Philippines. We adapt the linked concepts of access and exclusion to highlight how access dynamics unfold at multiple scales. At the local scale, social relations of class and ethnicity serve as important markers of difference that inform control over access to fisheries resources. At the regional scale, we show how engagement in fisheries trade is also sh..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the San Vicente municipal government for their support of this research, the household interviewees for their time, Jo Annie Corvera, Mark Buncag, Precious Joy Latras, Alex Felipe, Mark Tabangay and Engr. Maria Rosario Aynon A. Gonzales for logistical and fieldwork assistance, and the anonymous reviewers for constructive reviews. We also thank other faculty and staff members from the Palawan State University for their inputs to the project. This research was approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of James Cook University (Human Ethics Approval Number H5517). Funding for this research was provided by the Australian Research Council Discovery Program (Grant Number DP140101055) and a Branco Weiss - Society in Science Fellowship (M. Fabinyi).