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Perceptual organization in first episode schizophrenia and ultra-high-risk states

S Silverstein, PJ Uhlhaas, B Essex, S Halpin, U Schall, V Carr



Deficits in perceptual organization have been consistently reported in schizophrenia, as has an association between these deficits, disorganized symptoms, and poorer premorbid functioning and prognosis, suggesting that they may be an index of illness severity or progression. It is unclear, however, whether the impairment is present at, or before the first psychotic episode. This study examined perceptual organization in young people considered to be at high-risk for schizophrenia, defined by the "close-in" strategy [Yung, A.R., McGorry, P.D., McFarlane, C.A., Jackson, H.J., Patton, G.C., Rakkar, 1996. Monitoring and care of young people at incipient risk of psychosis. Schizophrenia Bulletin,..

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