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The Effortless Assessment of Risk States (EARS) Tool: An Interpersonal Approach to Mobile Sensing.

Monika N Lind, Michelle L Byrne, Geordie Wicks, Alec M Smidt, Nicholas B Allen

JMIR Ment Health | Published : 2018


BACKGROUND: To predict and prevent mental health crises, we must develop new approaches that can provide a dramatic advance in the effectiveness, timeliness, and scalability of our interventions. However, current methods of predicting mental health crises (eg, clinical monitoring, screening) usually fail on most, if not all, of these criteria. Luckily for us, 77% of Americans carry with them an unprecedented opportunity to detect risk states and provide precise life-saving interventions. Smartphones present an opportunity to empower individuals to leverage the data they generate through their normal phone use to predict and prevent mental health crises. OBJECTIVE: To facilitate the collectio..

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