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Impact of different glycaemic treatment targets on pregnancy outcomes in gestational diabetes.

SK Abell, JA Boyle, A Earnest, P England, A Nankervis, S Ranasinha, G Soldatos, EM Wallace, S Zoungas, H J Teede

Diabet Med | Published : 2019


AIM: With no current randomized trials, we explored the impact of tight compared with standard treatment targets on pregnancy outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). METHODS: This cohort study of singleton births ≥ 28 weeks' gestation was conducted at two major Australian maternity services (2009-2013). Standardized maternal, neonatal and birth outcomes were examined using routine healthcare data and compared for women with GDM at Service One (n = 2885) and Service Two (n = 1887). Services applied different treatment targets: Service One (standard targets, reference group) fasting < 5.5 mmol/l, 2-h postprandial < 7.0 mmol/l; Service Two (tight targets) fasting < 5.0 mmol/l, 2-h post..

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