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MiR-29b-1-5p is altered in BRCA1 mutant tumours and is a biomarker in basal-like breast cancer.

Michael JG Milevskiy, Gurveen K Sandhu, Anna Wronski, Darren Korbie, Brooke L Brewster, Annette Shewan, Stacey L Edwards, Juliet D French, Melissa A Brown

Oncotarget | Published : 2018


Depletion of BRCA1 protein in mouse mammary glands results in defects in lactational development and increased susceptibility to mammary cancer. Extensive work has focussed on the role of BRCA1 in the normal breast and in the development of breast cancer, the cell of origin for BRCA1 tumours and the protein-coding genes altered in BRCA1 deficient cells. However, the role of non-coding RNAs in BRCA1-deficient cells is poorly understood. To evaluate miRNA expression in BRCA1 deficient mammary cells, RNA sequencing was performed on the mammary glands of Brca1 knockout mice. We identified 140 differentially expressed miRNAs, 9 of which were also differentially expressed in human BRCA1 breast tum..

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