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In vivo endogenous proteolysis yielding beta-casein derived bioactive beta-casomorphin peptides in human breast milk for infant nutrition.

Ashwantha Kumar Enjapoori, Sonja Kukuljan, Karen M Dwyer, Julie A Sharp

Nutrition | Published : 2019


Objective Beta-casein is a major protein in breast milk and an important source for several bioactive peptides that are encrypted within the sequence. Beta-casomorphins (BCMs) are short-chain proteolytic peptides that are derived from the beta-casein protein and have opioid effects in newborns. Human milk is known to contain naturally occurring milk-protein-derived bioactive peptides but the identification of naturally occurring beta-casein-derived BCMs in human breast milk has been limited due to difficulties in the detection of BCM peptides, which are small and circulate in low concentrations. Methods The present study aimed to identify the naturally occurring BCM peptides from beta-casein..

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