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Net ultrafiltration intensity and mortality in critically ill patients with fluid overload

Raghavan Murugan, Vikram Balakumar, Samantha J Kerti, Priyanka Priyanka, Chung-Chou H Chang, Gilles Clermont, Rinaldo Bellomo, Paul M Palevsky, John A Kellum

Critical Care (UK) | BMC | Published : 2018


BACKGROUND: Although net ultrafiltration (UFNET) is frequently used for treatment of fluid overload in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury, the optimal intensity of UFNET is unclear. Among critically ill patients with fluid overload receiving renal replacement therapy (RRT), we examined the association between UFNET intensity and risk-adjusted 1-year mortality. METHODS: We selected patients with fluid overload ≥ 5% of body weight prior to initiation of RRT from a large academic medical center ICU dataset. UFNET intensity was calculated as the net volume of fluid ultrafiltered per day from initiation of either continuous or intermittent RRT until the end of ICU stay adjusted for ..

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