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Activity-dependent central nervous system myelination throughout life

Omar de Faria, David G Gonsalvez, Madeline Nicholson, Junhua Xiao



Myelin, the multilayered membrane surrounding many axons in the nervous system, increases the speed by which electrical signals travel along axons and facilitates neuronal communication between distant regions of the nervous system. However, how neuronal signals influence the myelinating process in the CNS is still largely unclear. Recent studies have significantly advanced this understanding, identifying important roles for neuronal activity in controlling oligodendrocyte development and their capacity of producing myelin in both developing and mature CNS. Here, we review these recent advances, and discuss potential mechanisms underpinning activity-dependent myelination and how remyelinatio..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia postdoctoral fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank all grant sponsors: Australian Research Council Discovery Project to J.X (#DP18010239); Australian National Health & Medical Research Council and Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia postdoctoral fellowship to D.G. (#APP1111041); the Australian Postgraduate Scholarship and the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute (University of Melbourne) STRAPA Scholarship to M.N. We give special thanks to Dr Ragnhildur Thora Karadottir from University of Cambridge, Dr Michelle Monje from Stanford University School of Medicine and Dr Ben Emery from Oregon Heal and Science University for their critical comments and reading of the manuscript. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest regarding this research.