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Drying timber in a solar kiln using an intermittent drying schedule of conventional laboratory kiln

Khamtan Phonetip, Graham Brodie, barbara Ozarska, B Belleville

Drying Technology: an international journal | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2018


The purpose of this study was to apply an intermittent drying schedule developed from a conventional kiln to a solar kiln. Implementing this experiment could help better understand the oscillation of the temperature inside a solar kiln and timber quality during drying progress. The theoretical recharge and discharge curves were used to predict the temperature inside the solar kiln using experimental data obtained previously using a solar kiln. The surface and internal checks were measured using ImageJ freeware, and the development of the Moisture Content (MC) profile was assessed by coring and slicing method for the Eucalyptus delegatensis boards during drying. The results showed that the re..

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