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Chromatic bacteria – A broad host-range plasmid and chromosomal insertion toolbox for fluorescent protein expression in bacteria

Rudolf Schlechter, Hyunwoo Jun, Michał Bernach, Simisola Oso, Erica Boyd, Dian Muñoz-Lintz, Renwick Dobson, Daniela Remus, Mitja Remus-Emsermann

Published : 2018


Differential fluorescent labelling of bacteria has become instrumental for many aspects of microbiological research, such as the study of biofilm formation, bacterial individuality, evolution, and bacterial behaviour in complex environments. We designed a variety of plasmids, each bearing one of eight unique, constitutively expressed fluorescent protein genes in conjunction with one of four different antibiotic resistance combinations. The fluorophores mTagBFP2, mTurquoise2, sGFP2, mClover3, sYFP2, mOrange2, mScarlet-I, and mCardinal, encoding for blue, cyan, green, green-yellow, yellow, orange, red, and far-red fluorescent proteins, respectively, were combined with selectable markers confer..

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