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The molecular details of cytokine signaling via the JAK/STAT pathway

Rhiannon Morris, Nadia J Kershaw, Jeffrey J Babon

PROTEIN SCIENCE | WILEY | Published : 2018


More than 50 cytokines signal via the JAK/STAT pathway to orchestrate hematopoiesis, induce inflammation and control the immune response. Cytokines are secreted glycoproteins that act as intercellular messengers, inducing proliferation, differentiation, growth, or apoptosis of their target cells. They act by binding to specific receptors on the surface of target cells and switching on a phosphotyrosine-based intracellular signaling cascade initiated by kinases then propagated and effected by SH2 domain-containing transcription factors. As cytokine signaling is proliferative and often inflammatory, it is tightly regulated in terms of both amplitude and duration. Here we review molecular detai..

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Grant sponsor: Department of Health, State Government of Victoria Operational Infrastructure Grant; Grant sponsor: National Health and Medical Research Council 1113577, 1121755, 1122999, 9000220; Grant sponsor: Cancer Council Victoria 1065180.