Journal article

Acquisition of analgesic properties by the cholecystokinin (CCK)/CCK2 receptor system within the amygdala in a persistent inflammatory pain condition

Olivier Roca-Lapirot, Pascal Fossat, Sherie Ma, Karine Egron, Gabriella Trigilio, Maria-Jose Lopez-Gonzalez, Joao Covita, Rabia Bouali-Benazzouz, Alexandre Favereaux, Andrew L Gundlach, Marc Landry


University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by European Commission-ncRNAPain grant

Awarded by NHMRC (Australia)

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank S. Roca-Therondel (Bordeaux) and D. Belin (Cambridge) for helpful discussions, Y. de Koninck (Laval University, Quebec, Canada) for kindly providing the AAV5-CMV-GFP, and P. Ciofi (Inserm U862, Bordeaux, France) and P.M. Beart (Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia) for kindly providing the CCK antibody, and CCK<INF>1</INF> and CCK<INF>2</INF> receptor antibodies, used in these studies. This research was supported by the ANR miRPAin grant, the European Commission GAN 602133-ncRNAPain grant and the NHMRC (Australia) project grant 1067522.