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Management of total hip replacement luxation with triple pelvic osteotomy

Isobel C Monotti, Stewart D Ryan, Chris A Preston



OBJECTIVE: To report the outcome of dogs treated with triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO) for dorsal luxation after total hip replacement (THR). STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective clinical case series. ANIMALS: Seventeen client-owned animals. METHODS: Medical records were searched at a single institution for dogs that had been treated with TPO for dorsal THR luxation. The angle of lateral opening (ALO), version angle (VA), and inclination angle (IA) were measured from radiographs after THR and TPO and corrected for pelvic rotation. A paired t test was performed to compare cup orientation after THR and TPO. Functional outcome was assessed at follow-up examination and during telephone interviews. RESULTS: ..

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