Conference Proceedings

Online conformance checking using behavioural patterns

A Burattin, SJ van Zelst, A Armas-Cervantes, BF van Dongen, J Carmona

Lecture Notes in Computer Science | Springer Nature Switzerland | Published : 2018


© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2018. New and compelling regulations (e.g., the GDPR in Europe) impose tremendous pressure on organizations, in order to adhere to standard procedures, processes, and practices. The field of conformance checking aims to quantify the extent to which the execution of a process, captured within recorded corresponding event data, conforms to a given reference process model. Existing techniques assume a post-mortem scenario, i.e. they detect deviations based on complete executions of the process. This limits their applicability in an online setting. In such context, we aim to detect deviations online (i.e., in-vivo), in order to provide recovery possibilities befo..

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