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mTORC1 plays an important role in osteoblastic regulation of B-lymphopoiesis

Sally K Martin, Stephen Fitter, Nadia El Khawanky, Randall H Grose, Carl R Walkley, Louise E Purton, Markus A Ruegg, Michael N Hall, Stan Gronthos, Andrew CW Zannettino

Scientific Reports | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2018


Skeletal osteoblasts are important regulators of B-lymphopoiesis, serving as a rich source of factors such as CXCL12 and IL-7 which are crucial for B-cell development. Recent studies from our laboratory and others have shown that deletion of Rptor, a unique component of the mTORC1 nutrient-sensing complex, early in the osteoblast lineage development results in defective bone development in mice. In this study, we now demonstrate that mTORC1 signalling in pre-osteoblasts is required for normal B-lymphocyte development in mice. Targeted deletion of Rptor in osterix-expressing pre-osteoblasts (Rptorob-/-) leads to a significant reduction in the number of B-cells in the bone marrow, peripheral b..

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