Conference Proceedings

Designing the lost self: Older adults' self-representations in online games

R Carrasco, J Waycott, S Baker, F Vetere

Proceedings of the 2018 on Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2018 | Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | Published : 2018


Older adults are increasingly engaging in online activities, including games, with other people. Many online environments require the user to create some form of self-representation, ranging from a simple user name through to a full body avatar. These self-representations not only enable access to online activities, but also provide an opportunity for expressing both the real and ideal identity. We wanted to better understand the impacts of later life on the construction of self-representations when playing online games. Our study used gameplay observations and semi-structured interviews with 10 older adult gamers aged from 65 to 95 years. We found they designed their player self-representat..

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