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Labour Market Regulation and the Imperative to Stimulate Job-Rich Growth

Colin Fenwick, Valerie Van Goethem

Regulating for Equitable and Job-Rich Growth | Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd | Published : 2017


The RDW Network was established, in large measure, as a way to stimulate analysis and research in response to the continuing influence of orthodox economic theory in policy debate over the effects of labour market regulation. It ‘was established with the goal of nurturing efforts to fashion a coherent response to the deregulatory agenda in its contemporary guise’ (Lee and McCann, 2011a: 4). In this sense, a key objective was ‘to feature innovative ideas and approaches, new subjects and debates, and theoretical perspectives and methodologies that characterise contemporary research on labour market regulation’ in order to propound ‘an inter-national and interdisciplinary response to the most i..

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