Journal article

Patient-reported outcome measures and their utility in the management of patients with advanced chronic kidney disease

Kathryn Ducharlet, Vijaya Sundararajan, Jennifer Philip, Jennifer Weil, Nuala Barker, Robyn G Langham, Jodie Burchell, Hilton Gock

NEPHROLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2019


Symptom and quality of life (QOL) measures in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease are recognized indicators of patient-centred care and represent important research, quality and clinical measures. This study examined relationships between symptom burden, QOL and functional status and associations of symptoms and mortality risk. A multisite longitudinal cohort analysis was undertaken in chronic kidney disease stage 4/5 (no dialysis) and dialysis patients. Patients completed symptom and QOL measures (Palliative Care Outcome Symptom Score renal), World Health Organisation QOL Brief Version) and Karnofsky Performance scale. Clinical and demographic data were recorded.