Journal article

Novel T4 bacteriophages associated with black band disease in corals

P Buerger, KD Weynberg, EM Wood-Charlson, Y Sato, BL Willis, MJH van Oppen



Research into causative agents underlying coral disease have focused primarily on bacteria, whereas potential roles of viruses have been largely unaddressed. Bacteriophages may contribute to diseases through the lysogenic introduction of virulence genes into bacteria, or prevent diseases through lysis of bacterial pathogens. To identify candidate phages that may influence the pathogenicity of black band disease (BBD), communities of bacteria (16S rRNA) and T4-bacteriophages (gp23) were simultaneously profiled with amplicon sequencing among BBD-lesions and healthy-coral-tissue of Montipora hispida, as well as seawater (study site: the central Great Barrier Reef). Bacterial community compositi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the Australian Nectar Research Cloud for access to computational resources, and acknowledge funding from AIMS@JCU (#17625 PhD scholarship to PB) and the Australian Research Council (Future Fellowship FT100100088 to MJHvO and SuperScience Fellowship FS110200034 to KDW).