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Detection of virus-specific polymeric immunoglobulin A in acute hepatitis A, C, E virus serum samples using novel chimeric secretory component.

Khayriyyah Mohd Hanafiah, Mary L Garcia, Nadine C Barnes, David A Anderson

BMC Research Notes | Published : 2018


OBJECTIVE: To conduct a proof-of-concept study on preferential binding of polymeric IgA (pIgA) using a novel recombinant rabbit/human chimeric secretory component (cSC) and preliminary assessment of the diagnostic potential of virus-specific pIgA in discriminating acute hepatitis A, E, and C (HAV, HEV, HCV) patients and uninfected controls using an indirect enzyme-linked immunoassay. RESULTS: cSC binds > 0.06 μg/ml of purified human and mouse pIgA with negligible cross-reactivity against IgM and IgA. Virus-specific pIgA was significantly higher in serum of acute HAV (n = 6) and HEV (n = 12) patients than uninfected samples (HEV: p < 0.001; HAV: p = 0.001), and had low correlation with virus-..

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