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Double trouble: visceral leishmaniasis in twins after traveling to Tuscany - a case report

Charlotte Adamczick, Alexa Dierig, Tatjana Welzel, Alexandra Schifferli, Johannes Blum, Nicole Ritz

BMC Infectious Diseases | BMC | Published : 2018


BACKGROUND: Leishmaniasis is endemic in many countries worldwide, with a prevalence of 12 million people infected, and an estimated annual incidence of 500 000 visceral leishmaniasis cases. In Europe visceral leishmaniasis is considered endemic mainly in the Mediterranean countries and cases in non-endemic European countries north of the Alps have primarily been reported in returning travellers. The incubation period is typically described between 6 weeks to 6 months. The cases presented highlight the occurrence of longer incubation periods and illustrate the individual variability for progression from infection to disease. CASE PRESENTATION: We report the cases of 18-months-old twin girls l..

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