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Irradiation-Induced Modification of the Superconducting Properties of Heavily-Boron-Doped Diamond

DL Creedon, Y Jiang, K Ganesan, A Stacey, T Kageura, H Kawarada, JC McCallum, BC Johnson, S Prawer, DN Jarnieson



Diamond, a wide band-gap semiconductor, can be engineered to exhibit superconductivity when doped heavily with boron. The phenomena has been demonstrated in samples grown by chemical vapor deposition where the boron concentration exceeds the critical concentration for the metal-to-insulator transition of nMIT4×1020/cm3. While the threshold carrier concentration for superconductivity is generally well established in the literature, it is unclear how well correlated higher critical temperatures are with increased boron concentration. Previous studies have generally compared several samples grown under different plasma conditions, or on substrates having different crystallographic orientations,..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by United States Air Force Research Laboratory

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors wish to acknowledge that this research is funded by the Australian Research Council under Grant No. DP150102703, and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory under Agreement No. FA2386-13-1-4055. The authors also acknowledge access to ion implantation and/or ion-beam analysis facilities at the ACT node of the Heavy Ion Accelerator Capability funded by the Australian Government under the NCRIS program.