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Investigating code review practices in defective files: An empirical study of the Qt system

P Thongtanunam, S McIntosh, AE Hassan, H Iida

IEEE International Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories | Published : 2015


Software code review is a well-established software quality practice. Recently, Modern Code Review (MCR) has been widely adopted in both open source and proprietary projects. To evaluate the impact that characteristics of MCR practices have on software quality, this paper comparatively studies MCR practices in defective and clean source code files. We investigate defective files along two perspectives: 1) files that will eventually have defects (i.e., Future-defective files) and 2) files that have historically been defective (i.e., Risky files). Through an empirical study of 11,736 reviews of changes to 24,486 files from the Qt open source project, we find that both future-defective files an..

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