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REDA: A web-based visualization tool for analyzing modern code review dataset

P Thongtanunam, X Yang, N Yoshida, RG Kula, AEC Cruz, K Fujiwara, H Iida

Proceedings - 30th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution, ICSME 2014 | Published : 2014


ReDA ( is a web-based visualization tool for analyzing Modern Code Review (MCR) datasets for large Open Source Software (OSS) projects. MCR is a commonly practiced and lightweight inspection of source code using a support tool such as Gerrit system. Recently, mining code review history of such systems has received attention as a potentially effective method of ensuring software quality. However, due to increasing size and complexity of softwares being developed, these datasets are becoming unmanageable. ReDA aims to assist researchers of mining code review data by enabling better understand of dataset context and identifying abnormalities. Through real-time data interac..

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