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A global assessment of the direct and indirect benefits of marine protected areas for coral reef conservation

Elisabeth MA Strain, Graham J Edgar, Daniela Ceccarelli, Rick D Stuart-Smith, Geoffrey R Hosack, Russell J Thomson

Diversity and Distributions | WILEY | Published : 2019


Aim: Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly implemented to conserve or restore coral reef biodiversity, yet evidence of their benefits for enhancing coral cover is limited and variable. Location: 30 MPAs worldwide and nearby sites (within 10 km). Taxa: Cover of key functional groups for coral (total, branching, massive and tabular), and algae (total, filamentous, foliose) and total biomass of reef fish trophic groups (excavator, scraper, browser, higher carnivore). Methods: We used a global dataset obtained using standardized survey methods at 465 sites associated with 30 MPAs in 28 ecoregions to test the effects of five key MPA attributes (>10 years old, well-enforced, no-take, larg..

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