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Contact Resistivity of Evaporated Al Contacts for Silicon Solar Cells

Kean Chern Fong, Teng Choon Kho, Andreas Fell, Evan Franklin, Ngwe Zin, Andrew W Blakers, Keith R McIntosh, Thomas Ratcliff, Matthew Stocks, James Bullock, Er-Chien Wang



The contact resistivity of evaporated Al on doped silicon is examined for a range of process conditions common to the fabrication of laboratory silicon solar cells. The effects of silicon surface preparation prior to evaporation, sintering temperature, the use of a shutter, and evaporation power are investigated. The presented evaporation conditions yielded the lowest published contact resistivity between Al-and phosphorus-doped Si over a large range of doping concentration. It is also demonstrated that a contact resistivity below 10-6 Ω.cm 2 can be achieved without sintering. Three-dimensional simulations are utilized to compare the obtained results for evaporated Al contacts with those for..

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Awarded by National High-Tech R&D Program (863 program) of Ministry of Science and Technology of China

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. This work was also supported by the National High-Tech R&D Program (863 program) of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China under Project 2012 AA050303. Responsibility for the views, information, or advice expressed herein is not accepted by the Australian Government. This work was performed at ANU under a research contract for Trina Solar and through a joint research project between Trina Solar and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS). SERIS is sponsored by the National University of Singapore and Singapore's National Research Foundation through the Singapore Economic Development Board.