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Security of Payment in the Construction Industry: Does International Experience Provide a Crystal Ball for North America?

M Bell, Christopher Ennis, Anand Juddoo, Sundra Rajoo, Bruce Reynolds, Sharon Vogel

8th International Society of Construction Law Conference | Society of Construction Law North America | Published : 2018


Over the past two decades, more than a dozen jurisdictions around the world have enacted legislative reform programs to promote ‘security of payment’ within their construction industries. There are two linked foundations to these reforms: ensuring prompt payment for work done, and rapid interim adjudication of disputes over the amount of payment due for that work. This paper examines the reform processes currently underway in North America, focusing on those recently implemented in Ontario, Canada. It then draws on the experience in several other jurisdictions which have had security of payment legislation in place for some time (the UK, Ireland, the Australian states and territories, New Ze..

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