Journal article

Limited evidence for differential reproductive fitness of wild Atlantic cod in areas of high and low salmon farming density

Luke T Barrett, Stephen E Swearer, Torstein Harboe, Orjan Karlsen, Sonnich Meier, Tim Dempster

Aquaculture Environment Interactions | INTER-RESEARCH | Published : 2018


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the staff at IMR Austevoll for their expert advice and assistance in the collection and maintenance of the spawning fish, egg incubation, and feeding of larvae: Margareth Mogster, Stig Ove Utskot, Michal Rejmer, Inger Semb Johansen, Nele Gunkel-Sauer, Kristine Hovland Holm, Yvonne Rong, Terje van der Meeren, Tord Skar, Velimir Nola and Glenn Sandtorv. We also thank the staff and students at Austevoll High School for their assistance in transporting live fish to the research station. Theresa Aase prepared the fatty acid analysis. Camille White provided useful comments on lipid data. Francisca Samsing assisted with the creation of figures. The manuscript was improved by comments from 3 anonymous reviewers. All procedures were conducted in accordance with Norwegian animal welfare regulations by experienced personnel. This project was funded by the Sustainable Aquaculture Laboratory, University of Melbourne, and the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (Fiskeri og Havbruksnaeringens Forskningsfond).