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Identification of BMP and Activin Membrane-Bound Inhibitor (BAMBI) as a Potent Negative Regulator of Adipogenesis and Modulator of Autocrine/Paracrine Adipogenic Factors

Xiao Luo, Louise J Hutley, Julie A Webster, Yu-Hee Kim, Dong-Fang Liu, Felicity S Newell, Charlotte H Widberg, Anthony Bachmann, Nigel Turner, Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer, Johannes B Prins, Gong-She Yang, Jonathan P Whitehead

Diabetes | AMER DIABETES ASSOC | Published : 2012


Adipose tissue dysfunction underpins the association of obesity with type 2 diabetes. Adipogenesis is required for the maintenance of adipose tissue function. It involves the commitment and subsequent differentiation of preadipocytes and is coordinated by autocrine, paracrine, and endocrine factors. We previously reported that fibroblast growth factor-1 (FGF-1) primes primary human preadipocytes and Simpson Golabi Behmel syndrome (SGBS) preadipocytes and increases adipogenesis through a cascade involving extracellular signal-related kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2). Here, we aimed to use the FGF-1 system to identify novel adipogenic regulators. Expression profiling revealed bone morphogenetic protein (BM..

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