Journal article

Relationships between handling, behaviour and stress in lambs at abattoirs

PH Hemsworth, M Rice, S Borg, LE Edwards, EN Ponnampalam, GJ Coleman

Animal | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2019


There is community concern about the treatment of farm animals post-farm gate, particularly animal transport and slaughter. Relationships between lamb behavioural and physiological variables on farm, stockperson, dog and lamb behavioural variables pre-slaughter and plasma cortisol, glucose and lactate in lambs post-slaughter were studied in 400 lambs. The lambs were observed in three behavioural tests, novel arena, flight distance to a human and temperament tests, before transport for slaughter. Closed-circuit television video footage was used to record stockperson, dog and lamb behaviour immediately before slaughter. Blood samples for cortisol, glucose and lactate analyses were collected on..

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