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Coded Control over Lossy Networks

Y Pu, J Zhu, KH Johansson, K Ramchandran, CJ Tomlin

2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC) | IEEE Press | Published : 2018


© 2018 AACC. We consider a networked control system with an unreliable feedback link from the sensor to the controller. Specifically, a discrete-time linear system is to be controlled via a packet-drop channel where multiple packets are transmitted at each time instance. We propose a coded control scheme that jointly designs the coding strategy, which mitigates the channel unreliability, and the control strategy, which stabilizes the unstable system. This scheme is based on the idea of successive refinement, that more important system states (or linear combinations thereof) should be better protected against the unreliable channel. The proposed scheme is simple to implement as it uses a stat..

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Awarded by Swiss NSF

Funding Acknowledgements

Ye Pu, Jingge Zhu, Kannan Ramchandran and Claire J. Tomlin are with the EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA, e-mail: {yepu, jingge.zhu, kannanr, tomlin} Y. Pu and J. Zhu are supported by the Swiss NSF under Projects P2ELP2_165137 and P2ELP2_165155.