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Algorithm for Intermodal Optimal Multidestination Tour with Dynamic Travel Times

Neema Nassir, Alireza Khani, Mark Hickman, Hyunsoo Noh

Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board | SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC | Published : 2012


This paper presents an efficient algorithm that finds the intermodal optimal tour (origin to origin) in a time-dependent transportation network while the algorithm implicitly solves the park-and-ride facility choice problem with the inherent park-and-ride constraints for a traveler with a sequence of destinations to visit. To solve the problem, a network expansion technique that captures the constraints of park-and-ride behavior in the model and that transforms the park-and-ride choice problem into a dynamic network flow problem is introduced. An efficient iterative labeling algorithm that finds the optimal intermodal tour to serve the sequence of activities is also introduced. Multisource s..

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