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Modeling Transit Passenger Choices of Access Stop

Neema Nassir, Mark Hickman, Ali Malekzadeh, Elnaz Irannezhad



A logit discrete choice model is developed to investigate the choice of transit access stop (i.e., departure stop). The model incorporates different components of the transit service between given origin-destination pairs at given times. A choice set generation algorithm is developed to create the set of access stop choices and calculate the time-dependent impedances from each departure stop to the destination. The correlation between the choices is treated at two levels: (a) the mode of travel and (b) the route of travel. A nested logit model structure is adopted to account for the dependencies among the choices on the same mode, and a correction term is proposed that captures the correlati..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), under the Academic Strategic Transport Research Alliance agreement with the University of Queensland's Centre for Transport Strategy. The authors thank TMR for the financial support and provision of the HTS data and Translink for providing the timetable data from 2009. The authors acknowledge and appreciate constructive discussions with Edward Chung.