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Depth profiling organic/inorganic interfaces by argon gas cluster ion beams: sputter yield data for biomaterials, in-vitro diagnostic and implant applications

Peter J Cumpson, Jose F Portoles, Anders J Barlow, Naoko Sano, Mark Birch



Argon gas cluster ion beam sources are likely to become much more widely available on XPS and SIMS instruments in the next few years. Much attention has been devoted to their ability to depth profile organic materials with minimum damage. What has not been the focus of attention (possibly because it has been very difficult to measure) is the large ratio of sputter yield for organic materials compared with inorganic materials using these sources and the special opportunities this presents for studies of organic/inorganic interfaces. Traditional depth profiling by monatomic argon ions introduces significant damage into the organic overlayer, and because sputter rates in both organic and inorga..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Dr J F Portoles is grateful for the support of the Newcastle/Durham EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA). The authors would like to thank Mr R Burnett of the Mechanical Engineering School at Newcastle University for important advice and assistance with electrical measurements, and Dr A Horsfall of the Electrical Engineering School at Newcastle University for the loan of some of the electrical measurement equipment. XPS and GCIB sputtering were performed at the National EPSRC XPS User's Service (NEXUS) at Newcastle University, an EPSRC Mid-Range Facility.